Vibratory Screens: Bulk Material Separators

Horizontal Vibratory Screener

Screens Customized To Your Application. Designed to Solve Your Bulk Material Processing Problem.

Vibratory screens separate bulk materials for processing across a wide range of applications and industries, including heavy quarry product and metal alloys; food and candy; plastics, glass, grain, and more. JVI Vibratory Screens are customized to your specific application. Available with electromechanical motors or electromagnetic drives. Designed and built from selected materials to easily incorporate into your application.

JVI Vibratory Screens

Classifying Screen Vibratory Screens

Classifying Screen

Classifying screens are designed to separate particles into desired cut sizes using vibratory technology. These vibratory screens are designed for applications where precisely-sized material is required for the next equipment in the industrial process. They can be manufactured in a wide variety of materials of construction, screen deck arrangements, discharge configurations, and mounting arrangements.

Grizzly Screen Vibratory Screens

Grizzly Screen

Grizzly screens are used in heavy-duty applications for coarse separations of oversized particles from smaller / on-spec particles. The grizzly fingers allow on-spec particles to pass through, sending over-spec particles to downstream crushers. They can be found installed under truck unloading stations, hoppers, or downstream of vibratory feeders and belt conveyors.

Dewatering Screen Vibratory Screens

Dewatering Screen

Dewatering screens are designed to reduce the percentage of surface moisture off materials prior to further processing downstream. Typically fed by belt conveyors the screen utilizes vibration to remove moisture as the material travels over the screen’s deck. These decks can be made of polyurethane or stainless steel depending on the application’s requirements.

Scalp Screens Vibratory Screens

Scalping (Safety) Screen

Scalping screens, also known as safety screens, are designed for coarse separation of unwanted material. As the material moves across the screens deck only the desired size material passes through and continues downstream in the process. This screening protects downstream equipment by removing unwanted materials, such as dropped tools or hardhats, from the process.