Electromechanical Tube Feeders

Time Tested Bulk Material Conveyors

JVI Electromechanical Vibratory Tube Feeders are time-tested performers in bulk material handling. Designed to horizontally convey material at a controlled feed-rate through a fully enclosed environment, Electromechanical Tube Feeders are used across a wide variety of industries. Every JVI Electromechanical Tube Feeder is designed specifically for the application and work envelope requirements.

Heavy Duty Industrial Feeders,
Made in the USA

JVI provides electromechanical vibratory Tube Feeders, also known as brute force feeders or single mass feeders, to customers across North America and around the world.

Electromechanically Driven

Available with Unbalanced motors, JVI electromechanical tube feeders can be configured to handle almost any type of materials you need to move.

Across Many Industries

Aggregates, Mining, Steel, Recycling, Plastics, Chemical, Food and many more. These tube feeders can be used in light, medium, and heavy-duty applications including:

  • Discharging Hoppers
  • Feeding Roller Mills
  • Tight work spaces
  • Multiple Batch Conveying
  • Conveying Long Distances
Electromechanical Tube Vibratory Feeder

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Electromechanical Tube Feeders
Engineered For Dust Control and Differential Pressure Applications

From the type and amount of material being fed to the environmental conditions of the operating location, each application comes with its own unique challenges. The JVI engineering team works closely with our customers to provide completely custom solutions designed to handle their exact material and environmental conditions.

Dust Management

An inlet and outlet socket with dust-tight collar is  an option for the tube feeder model in applications where dust management is a concern.

Differential Pressure

JVI vibratory tube feeders are often used to regular flow into vertical mills. They are able to modulate the feed rate into the mill based on mill’s differential pressure to optimize the mill’s crushing performance while reducing unnecessary wear and maintenance.

Friable Material

JVI vibratory tube feeders handle the product gently so oftentimes are a good solution for friable or fragile type material.


Multiple Liners Available

JVI vibratory tube feeders can be supplied with various types of abrasion resistance or corrosion resistance liners for longer wear life or better material flowability. Some options are:  heat treated 450 AR steel, chrome carbide, UHMW, rubber or stainless steel liners. Each is chosen to best deliver long life while meeting the application requirements.

Bi-Directional Conveying

JVI vibratory tube feeders can be specifically designed to convey material in two different directions. This unique design enables the feeder to electronically switch from feeding in one direction to reversing to feed in the other. These bi-directional feeders are typically used to discharge one hopper and convey the material to one of two different discharge points.

Have a Question?

JVI’s team of experts are ready to help with any questions you may have about electromechanical pan feeders.

Easier Maintenance, Inspection, and Cleanout

Dust tight inspection covers, quick disconnect end covers and hatches combined with no internal moving parts allow for easy clean out and inspection of the feeder.

Explosion Proof to Food Grade

JVI will customize the vibratory tube feeder to meet the exact application requirements including food grade stainless steel to heavy duty construction for abrasive material to handling explosive materials. JVI feeders can be constructed to meet your unique application.

Same Process, Better Performance

The JVI engineering team excels at designing new feeders to be retrofitted into your current process. This means you get all the benefits of a new higher performing feeder without the costs associated with having to redesign your current process.


Single Mass Design Provides
Superior Performance & Reliability

JVI electromechanical Tube Feeders utilize single mass technology in which the feeder is driven by two electromechanical unbalanced motors mounted directly to the feeder body, also known as the saddle. The single mass technology eliminates the need for exciter springs or natural frequency tuning for generating the required peak to peak movement of two mass feeders that are typically found in the North American market.

Simple Design = Higher Run Time

By engineering a simple design with the fewest moving parts possible, JVI can manufacture Tube feeders that keep working even in the harshest industrial environments. JVI’s single mass design eliminates the exciter springs, v-belt drives, and sheaves used in two-mass vibratory feeders which require regular maintenance and replacement.

No Tuning Required

JVI single mass tube feeders do not require natural frequency tuning to provide the required amplification necessary to convey the material.  Mechanical failures with tuning spring failures and sensitivities due to natural frequency tuning are eliminated. JVI feeders are well suited to run with or without material, dry or sticky material without issues inherent to tuned vibratory feeders.

Electromechanical Tube Feeder

Motors Rated to Work in Your Application

JVI feeders are powered by electromechanical unbalanced motors designed exclusively for our vibratory equipment and selected per application requirements. These motors are available in:

  • 94 different models available including 3600, 1800, 1200 and 900 RPM versions
  • Rated for continuous duty at 100% force output and suitable for wash-down
  • Explosion-proof CSA certified Class II, Division I, Groups E,F,G for dust environments
  • Class I Division II certified motors for gas available upon request

Enhanced Feed Rate Adjustability

When operated with a standard variable frequency drive (VFD), the feed rate from the JVI electromechanical vibratory tube feeder can be continuously adjusted in real time to meet the changing dynamics of the industrial process. This allows for the production process to be automated by having sensors down the production line that communicate with the VFD and adjusting the feed rate as necessary. This provides the optimal amount of dry bulk material for downstream equipment (Crushers, Screens, etc.), keeping the production process running smoothly.


Need Help with Your Application?

JVI’s team of engineers are here to help. From basic design drawings to custom retrofits, JVI can help get your application up and running.

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