Vibrating Conveyors

JVI’s Vibrating Conveyors are designed to convey a variety of materials for distances up to 90 feet. Gentle conveying allows for movement of fragile material with virtually no degradation. JVI Vibrating Conveyors are available in dust-proof, weather-tight arrangements. Designs featuring our reliable drives and few moving parts allow for a long, low maintenance service life. Low profile design requires minimum headroom for installation. Vibratory conveying provides efficient horizontal conveying with even material distribution.


  • Dust-tight designs available
  • Gentle conveying for fragile material
  • Even product distribution
  • Minimum headroom required for install
  • Replaceable liners and wear surfaces available
  • Food Grade material of construction available
  • Easy washout
  • Explosion-proof certification available
Electromechanical Vibratory Conveyor

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