Grizzly Screens

Efficiently Screen and Feed
Dissimilar Sized Material

JVI Electromechanical Vibratory Grizzly Screens, also known as Grizzly Feeders, are a heavy-duty solution for efficiently screening and feeding dissimilar sized material. The JVI Vibrating Grizzly Screen removes fines and evenly feeds oversized material for downstream equipment.

Heavy Duty Industrial Grizzly Screens,
Made In the USA

For over 25 years, JVI has been providing electromechanical vibrating grizzly screens to customers across North America and around the world.

Electromechanically Driven

Each Grizzly Screen is driven by two heavy duty electromechanical unbalanced motors or exciter drive gear boxes short coupled to a single AC motor. JVI Grizzly Screens can be configured to handle a wide range of applications.

Found Across Many Industries

JVI Grizzly Screens are used in heavy-duty applications such as:

  • Recycling
  • Mining
  • Aggregates
  • & Many more
Grizzly Screen

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Vibrating Grizzly Screens Provide
Coarse Screening for Heavy Duty Applications

From the type and amount of material being fed and screened to the environmental conditions of the operating location, each application comes with its own unique challenges. The JVI engineering team works closely with our customers to provide completely custom vibrating grizzly screens designed to handle our customer’s exact material and environmental conditions.

A Vibrating Grizzly Feeder & Screener

Grizzly screens use a series of cascading grizzly bars or “fingers” to turn over material (for more efficient screening) and separate the material by size into course “overs” that feed across the screen and fines, or “thru’s”, that fall between the fingers.

Customized to Your Application

JVI’s engineering team works closely with our customers to design custom Grizzly Screens. From grizzly bar spacing to liner materials JVI ensures each Grizzly Screens meets the heavy-duty demands of our customer’s applications.

Grizzly Screen Fingers

Grizzly Screens & Crushers: A Perfect Pair

Incorporating a grizzly screen upstream of a crusher reduces wear and extends the crusher’s operating life. Grizzly screens feed material across the complete width of the crusher’s inlet, eliminating uneven wear of the crusher. It also separates out thru material, ensuring the crusher only processes the overs. This benefits the crusher in two ways. First it extends the crusher’s operating life by reducing the amount of material it processes. Secondly it allows for a smaller sized crusher to be used, saving on initial capital investment and operating costs.

Grizzly Screen

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JVI’s team of experts are ready to help with any questions you may have about electromechanical pan feeders.

Heavy Duty Construction Provides
Superior Screening Performance and Reliability

Simple, Rugged – Single Mass Designs

Two of the hallmarks of JVI vibrating grizzly screens are:

  • A robust design for handling abrasive products in harsh continuous applications.
  • Single mass technology eliminates natural frequency tuning issues, and additional moving part, and ensures the ability to handle wet, sticky or frozen material

Minimal Part Design = Higher Run Time

By engineering a simple design with the fewest moving parts possible, JVI manufactures Grizzly Screen that keep working even in the harshest industrial environments.

Capacities up to 2500 TPH

Each JVI vibrating grizzly screen is designed specifically for the application requirements, with machines available for process up to 2500 TPH.

Grizzly Screen Motors

VFD for Process Flexibility

JVI vibrating grizzly screens are typically run off variable frequency drives which provide starter functions, braking functions for smooth shutdown, local keypad operation or remote interface with PLC. Additionally, the feed rate can be electronically adjusted to dial in the optimum throughput for the process and downstream equipment.

Explosion-proof Certification Available

JVI vibrating grizzly screens can be supplied with CSA certification for Class II, Division I, Groups E, F & G dust explosion areas or ATEX certified unbalanced motors.

Wear Liners & Trough Covers

JVI grizzly screens are available with various types of abrasion and corrosion resistance liners. Depending on the application, JVI engineers will recommend the optimum wear liners. Some of the common offerings are heat treated mild steel, chrome carbide overlaid, UHMW, rubber, and ceramic wear liners. All are available in bolted arrangements for ease of replacement.

Grizzly Screen Liner

Need Help with Your Application?

JVI’s team of engineers are here to help. From basic design drawings to custom retrofits, JVI can help get your application up and running.

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