Electromagnetic Tube Feeders

Time Tested Bulk Material Conveyors

JVI Electromagnetic Vibratory Tube Feeders are time-tested performers in bulk material handling. Designed to convey material at precise feed-rates through a fully enclosed environment, Electromagnetic Tube Feeders are used across a wide variety of industries. Every JVI Electromagnetic Tube Feeder is designed specifically for the application and work envelope requirements.

Heavy Duty Industrial Feeders,
Made in the USA

JVI provides electromagnetic vibratory Tube Feeders to customers across North America and around the world.

Electromagnetically Driven

Electromagnetic drives offer 100% feed rate adjustability, instant stop/start capacity and rugged construction, Electromagnetic Tube Feeders provide precise repeatable performance in even the toughest of environmental conditions.

Across Many Industries

Aggregates, Mining, Steel, Recycling, Plastics, Chemical, Food and many more. These tube feeders can be used in light, medium, and heavy-duty applications.

Electromagnetic Tube Feeders

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Electromagnetic Tube Feeders
Custom Engineered to Improve Your Process

The JVI engineering team works closely with our customers to provide completely custom solutions designed to handle their exact material and environmental conditions from the type and amount of material being fed to the environmental conditions of the operating location.

Dust Management

An inlet and outlet socket with a dust-tight collar is an option for the tube feeder model in applications where dust management is a concern.

Differential Pressure

JVI vibratory tube feeders are often used to regulate flow into vertical mills. With a feeder inlet designed to seal the mill, they are able to modulate feed rate based on mill’s differential pressure in order to optimize the mill’s performance.

Friable Material

JVI vibratory tube feeders handle the product gently so oftentimes are a good solution for friable or fragile material.


Multiple inlets allow specific batching recipes to be mixed in a sealed environment.


Electromagnetic tube feeders are typically manufactured in mild steel or stainless steel construction. Designs for easy replacement material conveying surfaces are also common.

Electromagnetic Tube Feeder

Bi-Directional Conveying

JVI vibratory tube feeders can be specifically designed to convey material in two different directions. This unique design enables the feeder to electronically switch from feeding in one direction to reversing to feed in the other. These bi-directional feeders are typically used to discharge one hopper and convey the material to one of two different discharge points.

Have a Question?

JVI’s team of experts are ready to help with any questions you may have about electromagnetic tube feeders.

Easy Maintenance, Inspection, and Cleanout

Dust tight inspection covers, quick disconnect end covers and hatches combined with no internal moving parts allow for easy clean out and inspection of the feeder.

Explosion Proof to Food Grade

JVI will customize the vibratory tube feeder to meet the exact application requirements including food grade stainless steel to heavy duty construction for abrasive material to handling explosive materials. JVI feeders can be constructed to meet your unique application.

Same Process, Better Performance

The JVI engineering team excels at designing new feeders to be retrofitted into your current process. This means you get all the benefits of a new higher performing feeder without the costs associated with having to redesign your current process.

Electromagnetic Tube Feeder

Electromagnetic Drive Provides
Superior Feed Rate Control & Reliability

JVI Electromagnetic Tube Feeders are driven by an electromagnetic drive which generates high frequency – low stroke action imparted on the material to efficiently enable precise material feeding. Each feeder is tuned at the factory to the natural frequency of the tube and works in conjunction with a thyristor controller that enables the operator to adjust the amplitude or micro-throw of the material being conveyed in a linear manner delivering the most precise feed rate adjustability available for most products.

 Light-Duty to Heavy Duty Bulk Material Feeding

Capable of feeding grams per minute to 750 tons per hour of selected materials.

No Lubrication Required

JVI electromagnetic feeders are set up at the factory and do not require field tuning, greasing or lubrication making them virtually maintenance free.

Electromagnetic Drives Rated to Work in Any Application

 JVI feeders are powered by electromagnetic drives exclusively for our vibratory equipment and selected per application requirements. These drives are available in:

  • Many different models available including 25, 30, 33, 40, 50 & 60 Hz versions
  • Suitable for wash-down
  • Explosion-proof CSA certified Class II, Division I and Class I, Division II available
Electromagnetic Tube Feeder

0-100% Feed Rate Adjustability

Each electromagnetic feeder is controlled by a JVI thyristor controller enabling:

  • 0-100% linear feed rate adjustability
  • Instant start / stop
  • Local manual operation available
  • PLC interface for remote operation in loss-in-weight (L-I-W) or gain-in-weight (G-I-W) scaling applications

 Custom control packages are available for exact process requirements

Electromagnetic Tube Feeder

Need Help with Your Application?

JVI’s team of engineers are here to help. From basic design drawings to custom retrofits, JVI can help get your application up and running.

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