Cone Crusher Vibratory Feeder

JVI Cone Crusher Feeders deliver uniform 360o feed into cone crushers. Even material distribution prolongs the service life of the cone crusher and allow for higher yields of cubicle shaped product. The center discharge configuration of the feeder facilitates consistent, evenly-distributed material flow.

Electromechanical Vibrating Feeders are based on single-mass drive technology. This rugged, single-mass design eliminates maintenance and tuning requirements typical of two-mass systems.


  • Superior material flow control
  • Simple VFD control packages delivers precise feed rates
  • Integrated into trolley systems
  • Low maintenance — very few moving parts
  • Eliminates the need for Rotating Feed Distributor
  • Minimizes uneven rock build up in the crusher
  • World-class electromechanical drives
  • Designed for various types of cone crushers
  • Simple, rugged design eliminates exciter springs and tuning problems

The JVI Cone Crusher Vibratory Feeder minimizes stress on the cone crusher by facilitating a consistent, evenly distributed flow of material to the crusher.

Cone Crusher Feeder

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