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Improve Cone Crusher
Service Life and Product Output

JVI Vibratory Cone Crusher Feeders are heavy-duty, time-tested performers in the aggregate and mining industries. Cone Crusher Feeders deliver a uniform 360° peripheral feed of material into tertiary or quandary cone crushers. This even material distribution allows for higher yields of cubicle shaped product and prolongs the cone crusher’s service life. Every JVI Cone Crusher Feeder is designed specifically for the application and work envelope requirements.

Heavy Duty Industrial Feeders, Made in the USA

For over 30 years, JVI has been providing electromechanical vibratory Cone Crusher Feeders to customers across North America and around the world.

Electromechanically Driven

Every JVI cone crusher feeder is driven by our Aviteq electromechanical unbalanced motors. The high torque, high force output motors are designed specifically for driving JVI’s heavy duty vibratory equipment. Each one is CSA certified for Class II, Division I, Groups E,F,G areas and with over 96 models to choose from. JVI repairs and has a complete stock of these motors in our Houston, Texas facility.

Supporting the Aggregate and Mining Industries

JVI electromechanical mass feeders are ideally designed for the harsh environment and abrasive material handled in the aggregates and mining industries. The hall mark of JVI electromechanical feeders are the single mass technology that eliminates natural frequency tuning, natural frequency sensitivity to material changes and eliminates the additional required springs, pulleys and other associated maintenance parts.

Cone Crusher Feeder

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Cone Crusher Feeders
Engineered For Your Specific Application

Simple VFD control packages deliver precise feed rates

When operated with a standard variable frequency drive (VFD), the feed rate from the JVI electromechanical Cone Crusher Feeder can be continuously adjusted in real time to meet the changing dynamics of the industrial process. This allows for the production process to be automated by having sensors down the production line that communicate with the VFD and adjusting the feed rate as necessary. This provides the optimal amount of bulk material for downstream crushers, keeping the production process running smoothly.

JVI Center Discharge Feeder 3
cone crusher feeder arrangement

Integrated into trolley systems

JVI electromechanical Cone Crusher Feeders can be integrated into trolley systems. This allows the feeder to be indexed into the place above the cone crusher during normal operation. Indexing the feeder away from the mouth of the cone crusher allows for ease of access to the cone crusher during maintenance.

Eliminates the need for Rotating Feed Distributor

For tertiary or quandary crushers, JVI’s direct 360 degree peripheral feed into the cone crusher eliminates the need for rotating or other type feed distributors.  The vibrating action of the center hole feeder delivers an all in one design that simplifies the installation, while optimizing the process and results.

Minimizes uneven rock wear and build up in the crusher

The uniform peripheral feed into the cone allows for even wear on the cone liners. This extends the overall wear life of the crusher and reduces production halting maintenance downtime.

Have a Question?

JVI’s team of experts are ready to help with any questions you may have about electromechanical pan feeders.

World-class electromechanical drives

JVI electromechanical vibratory feeders are powered by Aviteq electromechanical unbalanced motors designed exclusively for our vibratory equipment and selected per application requirements.

These motors are available in:

  • 94 different models including 3600, 1800, 1200 and 900 RPM versions
  • Rated for continuous duty at 100% force output and suitable for wash-down
  • Explosion-proof with CSA & ATEX certifications available
Cone Crusher Feeder Electromechanical Motors

Simple Rugged Design = Low Maintenance

By engineering a simple design with the fewest moving parts possible, JVI can manufacture pan feeders that keep working even in the harshest industrial environments. JVI’s single mass design eliminates the exciter springs, v-belt drives, and sheaves used in two-mass vibratory feeders which require regular maintenance and replacement.

Designed for various types of cone crushers

JVI vibratory feeders can used with primary & secondary crushers (standard pan feeder end discharge) and all types of tertiary and quandary cone crushers such horizontal shaft impactors [HSI], vertical shaft impactors [VSI], single cylinder or multi-cylinder crushers, hammer crushers, jaw crushers or hydraulic crushers rated for all capacities.


Need Help with Your Application?

JVI’s team of engineers are here to help. From basic design drawings to custom retrofits, JVI can help get your application up and running.

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