Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders Provide Precision to Your Bulk Material Processing

There are processes across many industries where having precise control over the feed rate of bulk materials is critical. Too much or too little material can lead to inconsistent products, wasting your company’s time and money. Electromagnetic vibratory feeders provide precise control over your bulk material flow rates, helping ensure your product quality meets both your expectations and your customers.


What is an Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder?

The electromagnetic feeder’s primary function is to precisely regulate feed rates of dry bulk solid materials out of hoppers. They then move the material, sometimes spreading it out, onto a downstream piece of equipment. This equipment can include belt conveyors, screening machines, crushers, dryers or other pieces of process equipment.


Key Benefits:

Customizable to Your Process: Electromagnetic vibratory feeders are available in many different pan configurations and materials of construction including light duty arrangements, heavy duty arrangements, and everything in between.

High level of Precision: The feeders are run off a thyristor controller that keeps the frequency constant while allowing the user to adjust the voltage up or down. The corresponding action of the magnet provides the required stroke, or peak to peak vibration, of the vibratory feeder. The stroke has a direct correlation to material velocity across the pan and achievable feed rate. This enables the feeder to precisely control the feed rate from 0 to 100% and the ability to start and stop instantly.

Quiet and Reliable: Often referred to as “buzz boxes”, electromagnetic feeders feature quiet operation and minimal maintenance including no greasing or lubrication.


Where are Electromagnetic Feeders Utilized?

Electromagnetic feeders are widely used in batching, mixing and other applications where exact amounts of material are needed for the process. They are especially well suited for applications where scales are involved upstream (i.e. loss in weight applications) or downstream (i.e. gain in weight applications).


Electromagnetic vibratory feeders provide precise, fine-tuned feed rates of your bulk material. JVI has over 30 years’ experience in providing custom built electromagnetic vibratory feeders across a wide variety of industries. If you think an electromagnetic feeder could be right for your bulk material processing needs you can learn even more about them by clicking here: https://www.jvivibratoryequipment.com/vibratory_feeders/