Custom Vibratory Conveyor for Plastics Manufacturer

A plastics manufacturer reached out to JVI looking to add a conveyor to their process at one of their facilities. The manufacturer required the conveyor to be able to address material dusting, accept multiple feeds of material, allow for easy maintenance and include a moveable support stand. The JVI team worked closely with the facility to develop a custom solution to address their processes’ unique requirements. The package JVI designed included a custom vibratory conveyor and support stand incorporating the following features:

Vibratory Tube Conveyor

Stainless Steel Tube with Non-Stick Coating
A stainless-steel tube was chosen to enclose and control the material prone to dusting and ensure easier washdown. Some materials being fed would be cohesive and have a tendency to stick. To address this, a non-stick coating was added to the interior of the tube.

Electromechanical Motors
High stroke unbalanced motors were chosen for their ability to gently convey the material minimizing material degradation.

Multiple Inlets
Six inlets were added for six loss-in-weight feeders to meter material into the conveyor.

Inspection Ports
Quick release inspection ports were placed at the ends of the tube to allow easy inspection of the interior of the tube.

Support Stand

Elevated Stand
The support stand elevates the conveyor for integration into the process.

Casters are added to the feet of the stand to allow the conveyor to be moved for maintenance of upstream and downstream equipment.

Maintenance Platforms
The stand includes maintenance platforms and ladders on each side of the conveyor to allow complete access to the conveyor for inspection and maintenance.

This package provides a reliable, low maintenance vibratory conveyor that JVI is known for, while addressing the unique requirements of the process. The vibratory conveyor and stand design was approved and JVI began the manufacturing process. Today the vibratory conveyor is integrated into the process providing reliable, low maintenance conveying of materials to downstream equipment.

If you have a bulk material application and are looking to improve your processes contact JVI today. Our team has over 40 years’ experience in providing custom designed solutions that optimize bulk material handling processes.