Can Vibratory Equipment Feed Material Vertically?

Yes! JVI Spiral Elevators are vibratory equipment ideally suited to vertically convey a wide array of bulk material. The spiral elevator uses our “micro throw” motion to overcome gravity and convey the material in a controlled manner upwards on a continuous series of spiraling trays. These trays are welded around the inner tube of spiral elevator and vibrate the material upwards at 900-1200 VPM (vibrations per minute).

This unique and field proven arrangement offers many features and benefits including:

  • Gentle handling of product
  • Simple clean out via wipe, wash or blowdown
  • Small work spaces required for installation
  • Continuous or adjustable feed rates
  • Cooling or drying of material while conveyed
  • Low maintenance requirement few spare parts
  • Open or enclosed arrangements
  • Suitable for explosive and class / division areas
  • Custom design per application requirements